Under $10 Home Essentials From Ikea

Under $10 Home Essentials From Ikea

Ikea is such an underrated store. What I love about it is that they have quality items at a much lower price than most big-name stores. Now, I’m all about splurging on luxury items that are a statement piece but also mix in some affordable pieces to not totally overwhelm your budget! There are sooo many items that are below the $10 mark but in this post, I will highlight the Ikea home essentials under $10 that are actually worth your money!

PS: Ikea does not have an affiliate program, so all of these links are shared for your own benefit based on my 100% free recommendation! I love you and want the best for you and your home. Let’s get into it!

Kitchen Essentials

If you are a single person living on your own in an apartment, something you shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on is kitchenware. That includes dishes, glasses, utensils, cutlery, and some gadgets. Mainly because it’s just you and probably the occasional guest. Not to say that you don’t deserve nice kitchenware but just that you shouldn’t spend extra money on it when you don’t have to. All you need is something that fits your color palette and can go into the dishwasher!

  • Plates – I love the OFTAST collection because not only are they .79 cents EACH, but they are actually made of glass! This is why they are able to cut the price down.
  • Water Glasses – The Ikea 365+ collection has some pretty great options but at $5.99 for a 6pk of 115oz glasses, this is the best deal for oz/dollar ratio.
  • Wine Glasses – I love knowing I didn’t spend a lot of money on my wine glasses ($1.49 ea) because some way or another they break! But guess what, these ones won’t be breaking your budget or your heart when you hear one crack.
  • Flatware – This flatware set has been with me for almost 3 years now. No rusting, no odd bending, just all-around quality pieces! And for a price of $4.99 for a 16 pc set… that is music to my ears!
  • Glass Storage Containers – This KORKEN collection is something to obsess over. Who loves to see an organized pantry with glass jars?! From $1.99 – $3.99, Ikea allows you to organize without breaking the bank.
  • Colander – This is probably one of the most used Ikea products in my kitchen. It lives on the sink and serves a purpose for cleaned dishes, straining food, and rinsing produce. It is a genius product and at $6.99 I think everyone needs one.
  • Electric Whisk – Amazon sells these at around $19.99 but if you’re at Ikea, you should definitely pick one of these up! It’s $1.99 and works just as well as the one from amazon.
  • Organizing Boxes – The VARIERA box collection comes in 3 sizes between $1.99 – $4.99. I use the medium and large sizes in my panty and they are perfect.

*Click HERE to see how I organized my small, messy pantry into a Pinterest-worthy and functional food space!*

Living Room/Bedroom

Since you are on this post, I’m assuming you are also like me and like luxury items but don’t like the price of them….. Well, Ikea to the rescue! While I’m not saying Ikea as a whole is luxury but they do have some items that really compare! Here are some high-end Ikea decor pieces that will help you put the finishing touches on your space.

  • Down Pillow Inserts – We all love a good chop-able pillow and these ones just do it! Use 3, 26×26 for decor pillows on the bed and use some 20×20’s to fill up the couch and other seating areas. $3-$10 for a down pillow is the lowest price yet.
  • Pillow Covers –  Even though the covers are sold separately it makes it easy to wash, and then to switch them up when you want to change your color palette. And from $1.99 – $7.99, it makes it more digestible!
  • Curtain Rod – The RACKA curtain rod is so affordable and customizable. I love its minimal design so that it can be placed in any room of the house. Comes in black or white for $6.99!
  • Sheer Lace Curtains – You get one pair which includes 2 panels of 10×98 ” for $4.99. These are so long and affordable that you can cut them to your desired length and won’t worry about it because they were less than 5 dollars.
  • Clothes Rack – Whether you want to hang dry your clothes, steam them, or have new items you want to style, having a clothes rack is pretty convenient. The price can’t be beaten at $9.99!
  • Plant Stand – Adding greenery to your home space just freshens the mood. Getting plants off the ground and looking all cute in the corner (for only $7.99) is such a vibe and this plant stand at Ikea is timeless. 
  • Shoe Rack – While this might not be the most aesthetic storage piece, its purpose is there. These shoe racks are stackable and make buying multiple worth it because they’re only $4.99 each.
  • Power Strip 2pk – For $5.99 you get two power strip adapters to use for your home office, TV set up, Wifi connections, gaming system, etc! Now that’s a heckin deal.
  • 17 pc Tool Kit – Since you have to put together the majority of Ikea products together, they have plenty of tool kits to purchase from! As a single woman, the 17 piece tool kit has all the basic necessities I need for my mini DIY projects.


Rentals are a love-hate relationship. You’re not responsible for any repairs, or problems that come up BUT you have to settle for someone else’s design choices when it comes to bathroom hardware and light fixtures. Did you know you can get fixtures and hardware at Ikea?! These are just small details you can do on your own to upgrade your space a bit.

  • Shower Heads – Sometimes rentals aren’t upgraded and the existing showerhead can make or break your shower experience! I love the BROGRUN shower head for a simple and affordable shower head upgrade. Just for $7.99 too!
  • Handles –  There are so many great handle choices to refresh your space and give it an elevated look. Whatever your style, Ikea has a piece for you!
  • Towel Rack – This is a renter-friendly option when you don’t have a towel rack in your bathroom. Suction this rack into your shower for a warmer experience (LOL) or use it on the outside so guests know where to dry their hands.
  • Toilet Roll Holder -Water stains and oxidation happens over time. Get a cheap fully stainless steel roll holder for $4.99!
  • Bath Mat – This bath mat has a slip-resistant coating on the bottom and is super easy to throw into the washing machine to keep white and fresh looking. It’s $9.99 but also comes in a larger size!
  • Hair Wrap Towel – A great price on a clever beauty product at $2.99 for a two-pack! Great to give out as gifts too. 

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