The Ordinary Skincare Products I Bought Again
the ordinary products

The Ordinary Skincare Products I Bought Again

Updating on my previous post, How to use The Ordinary products, I go over in this post what products I will not buy again and which products I have already bought again! If you missed that article you can see it HERE.

The Ordinary overall has great products. They are simple by design and formulation and do exactly what it says it will. However, if you are new to skincare it can be a pretty complicated journey finding out exactly what each product does. My best tip for this is to research! I found estheticians on YouTube talk about what the products do and why they do it. Then I took into account what my skincare goals are (anti-aging, firming/tightening, texture, and moisturizing) and researched what products would be best to achieve those goals.

The products I share are in my personal routine and what has been working or not working for me. The products that are working though, I am genuinely excited to use every day! This has been one of the best finds for me, especially how they are ethically made and are super affordable. My entire morning and evening routine comes to a total cost of about $80. Whereas, for that amount, that’s how much my cleanser costs from another brand!

The photo above, are so far, my favorite products. I will list them below.


Not Faves:

  • Niacinamide – I’m not acne-prone and this is primarily used to treat acne and scarring. I used the entire bottle but I feel I can remove this from my routine and still get the results I want.
  • 100% hemi squalene – the texture is weird and it’s just not “it” for me.
  • Resveratrol + Ferulic Acid – It’s not that I dislike this product… I just don’t like mixing it with the hemi squalene. It’s advised to dilute this serum due to the high concentration of it, so I think I’m going to try mixing it with another oil. It can be mixed with any of the oils listed under “hydrators and oils” from their website.

Shop My Faves Below

watch the video below!

watch the video below!

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