Pretty Little Thing – I Returned Everything
pretty little thing haul review

Pretty Little Thing – I Returned Everything

Want to find some hidden clothing gems from the iconic Instagram boutiques? Here, I am shopping at Pretty Little Thing in hopes that I have found a new affordable, fashion forward clothing brand. PLT is great because they are always offering discount codes, have sales going on, and have a pretty stinking cute inventory.

Let’s go through all the items I purchased! I ordered 4 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 necklace, and 1 pair of shoes. Below I give you a visual walk-through and some things to consider before purchasing…..

watch the video below!

watch the video below!

First I want to mention, like all online boutiques, sizing and fit are always a gamble. I ordered the same size in each dress, and each one of them fit so differently. Either too big, too tight, or way too short.

Some things to consider before buying would be:

  1. What is the fabric made out of? – This will give you a better sense if the fabric will be stretchy, stiff, or shrinkable. 
  2. How tall is the model wearing the item? – One of the dresses I ordered was so short I was genuinely confused. The dress on the model looked like a much longer dress, however on me, was a mini dress….and I’m only 5’2…
  3. Are you a half-size in shoes? – Like me, I am between a 7 and an 8. My heels are mostly an 8 to give me some extra room for when my feel swell when wearing them. Reviews of PLT shoes were said that they fit pretty true to size. However in my case, the 8’s were practically clown shoes on me. This might differ from shoe types they sell, but for next time specifically for boots, I would most definitely size down to a 7.

Let me know what you think about PLT in the comments below, or what Instagram Boutique stores you want to see me try out next! I am a Fashion Nova lover, so defiantly shop my 30% off link here! I might make a small commission if using this link (: 

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