Humm Nutrition Vitamins and Supplements – Made In The USA
humm nutrition review

Humm Nutrition Vitamins and Supplements – Made In The USA

Vitamins are my favorite things to stock up on. You can never have too many vitamins and I am definitely guilty of that! Of course, my favorites involve anything that will grow my hair and give me clear skin lol. So I’m giving my best recs of my personal Humm Nutrition Review. If you don’t know, Humm nutrition is science-based and formulated by women, for women! Their company has an amazing variety of vitamins for immunity, hair, skin, and body overall. 

humm nutrition review

Stop wasting your time with other vitamins from online stores that have no evidence to back their product. With these vitamins, I really can see and feel a difference when taking them regularly. Use these in conjunction with my tips from 4 Steps To Get The Best Butt for even better results!

Keep reading because I will share with you my favorite vitamins that I think every woman should try too! They also have a quiz on their website you can take and they will recommend what seems best for you based on your quiz results. Now, let us get into it!

My Current Faves:

Flatter Me – Firstly, An anti-bloat vitamin isn’t something I would typically recommend but this one is just so different! Around my TOM I get so heckin bloated it’s painfully obvious! This formula is fantastic and is definitely something I would encourage taking if bloating is a PMS of yours too.

Private Party – Womens health isn’t really discussed that much! And this is a product I am happy to see within their line. This formula is backed by science and was created by women! This is especially a great addition to your vitamin arsenal if you are prone to UTI’s or yeast infections.

Mighty Night – This is what it means to get beauty sleep! For instance, it has a bit of valerian root to help promote good sleep. Y’all know I love my Dermal Repair Complex, but I like to defy aging all day long lmao. Taking this right before bed then DRC in the morning is a magical duo!

Collagen POP – I chose this one over the collagen vitamin because since I take so many vitamins as it is, sometimes I like to just sip my vitamins! I like this one because it is made with marine collagen and I’m trying to prevent aging here, okay! I want to say this was the one I really began noticing longer hair growth after taking. This one takes a bit to dissolve, so my pro tip is to use a small amount of warm water first, then add some ice and pour water over. With every sip imagine yourself getting more youthful! And! Above all, this drink is so light and refreshing tasting! It’s not too sweet, not too bitter, it’s just right.

Here Comes The Sun – Vitamin D is essential especially with all these lockdowns and stay at home orders, we’re not getting as much outside time! Just one a day and you get the same benefits as being out in the sun but without the harmful UV rays.

Skinny Bird – I wouldn’t typically recommend something that claims to make you “skinny” by their title…BUT this is a great addition if you are just starting back at the gym and want something to help you along the way. This isn’t something I would recommend to everyone though. Take the quiz on Humm’s website to find out which supplements can best serve you!

Wing Man – A night out with the girls can lead to more wine glasses than expected! Pop two of these before bedtime, then two more the next morning. This is great accelerating alcohol out of your system and skip the hangover. This is also great for overall liver health and doesn’t only need to be used after consuming alcohol!

Air Patrol – This is something I didn’t know I needed. This works to purify your body from toxins caused by air pollution. Hello, big city living!! Breath clean and clear after 30 with this guy.

Ripped Booster – In conjunction with Skinny bird, this is a dynamic duo. I love a good fat burner to accelerate the benefits of my workouts. This is a great addition if you’re just getting back in the gym.

*credit to Humm Nutrition for providing these photos*

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