5 Easy Ideas To Elevate Your Front Porch For Fall

5 Easy Ideas To Elevate Your Front Porch For Fall

It’s that time!! Fall decorating time is here and I’m going to share my 5 tips to keep your fall decor aesthetic, minimal, and neutral. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I love to keep my decor simple and practical yet letting those pieces make a statement. So if you’re here, I know that’s your vibe too! I love neutral seasonal decor and fall is a fun one to decorate for! Let’s decorate!

1. Choose a Color Palette

Stick with 2-3 colors and base all your decor, plants, and accessories around those. Too many colors can clash and start to look messy and crowded. If you love neutral tones like I do, consider choosing one option from colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Then, vary the tones of those colors by including pastel, matte, shiny, or translucent accessories.

fall front porch ideas

2. Pick A Wreath

Set the tone for your front door by choosing a staple-piece wreath! There is a wreath for every season and holiday so picking a wreath will really set the tone for your entire front porch decor! It is truly the centerpiece. I’m obsessed with this new wreath at IKEA!

fall front porch ideas

3. Add Plants

Typical fall foliage includes mums but you can use anything like branches, magnolias, or even herbs to add an organic touch. Adding a piece of nature brings a seasonal look all together! The best part about mums though is that no matter your color palette, you’re likely to find a flower that matches.

fall front porch ideas

4. Add Texture

Having some textured accents helps to give dimension and visual interest. I love this knotted/weaved doormat layered over the striped 2×3 rug in this look! It adds texture while sticking to the color palette. This basket planter from Target also adds visual interest as it looks hand-woven but it’s actually concrete! 

Of course, this is a fall decor requirement!! Whatever color your theme is, you can find pumpkins that will match perfectly. I love the touch of these sage green pumpkins from Hobby Lobby to add an organic feel alongside the white pumpkins.

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