4 Easy Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

4 Easy Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

Whether you have an apartment kitchen, a small kitchen, or just need more storage solutions for your kitchen, I got you covered. This post has all the best resources for making a small kitchen space feel clean all while containing everything on your grocery list! How many times can I say kitchen?! 

1. See-Through Storage

Clear storage makes everything easier to see while keeping items organized. This way, when you can see what you have, it all gets eaten and nothing gets over-bought! They show exactly how much you have left, making grocery planning so much easier. Try adding labels to your containers with an expiration date to make sure everything stays fresh!

2. Store On The Door

When space is minimal, the door is a great use of space! Over-the-door organizers aren’t necessarily aesthetic but they sure as heck give you the extra room you need! 

3. Storage Bins

Grab and go with storage bins! Putting like-items in the same bin allows easy and quick access to exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re the labeling type, try these minimal labels from Amazon! Use the small bins for individually packaged items and the large ones for bagged and boxed foods. 

4. Add Extra Storage

In a small space, vertical is the way to go! Adding shelf inserts allows you to stack things like bins and jars to make the most out of your space. Use these to also stack plates, bowls, and glasses. Undershelf baskets are great too!

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