The Best Cleaning Products of 2021
the best cleaning products of 2021

The Best Cleaning Products of 2021

A good deep clean of the house now and then makes for a healthy, welcoming home. Being clean allows for creativity to flow, radiates good vibes, and brings a sense of calmness to a busy life. Since y’all know I’m an OCD neat freak, this has been a list I’ve been working on and wanted to be perfected before sharing. Now, let me share with you the BEST cleaning products of 2021. I will not recommend products loosely! I chose each and every one of these cleaners with pride and assurance! For deep spring cleaning tips read this article here.

*I’m going to say this once and it applies to each product: Yes, the brand has other products. No, they don’t work like the one I’m showing you. Yes, it needs to be this exact product!*

If you randomly have a ton of white fabric in your home as I do, you need this product like, yesterday. From white shoes to cushion covers, kitchen towels to bath towels, bath mats to bed linens, and of course all your white jeans and white t’s, this is thee* only Oxi product that will literally whiten your whites brighter than when you bought them. This product is listed number one here because it’s number one in my heart. LOL, I am THAT passionate about it! I soak my converse in this at least once a year. Check out the converse transformation pic by Rachel Teodoro

For really tough or old stains on white fabric, I love to use Shout in conjunction with White Revive. For example, my white Lululemon hat I use during my workouts gets the makeup from my forehead all over the fabric. So I’ll spray Shout all along the inside of the brim, let it sit overnight or 24 hours. Then I’ll add a scoop of Oxi Clean white revive to the washer, give the hat another layer of Shout, and do a normal whites load. It’s like magic.

While we are on the topic of laundry products, although this isn’t necessarily a cleaning product, this formula blows my mind. I have no idea what kind of voodoo this product is but all I know is that it works and you need it!! Check out the video of me using this for the first time and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. I live in a small apartment, so an ironing board is not something I want to find a place for! Literally, never ironing again.

If you have pets, drink wine or coffee, have children, Folex needs to be a household necessity. This product has removed old stains for me on used rugs that I have bought and on furniture where the covers aren’t removable. It cleans pet accidents up wonderfully and my favorite thing about this product is that it is unscented. It neutralizes pet odor and that is a huge win for me! The before and after photo above is by Dress Up Buttercup.

It has to be this one!! This brand makes a lot of products and none of them stand out quite the way this one does. Why I love this product: Over the years I have “cheap’d out” on toilet cleaners and I’ve never regretted it more. As females, we are up close and personal with our toilet bowl several times a day. This needs to be a space we feel clean at! When I use this on my toilet, I love that the color changes as it works. The key is to let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing! Once all the scrubbing is done and the toilet flushes, there’s like this peace that comes over me like “ah, it’s beautiful.” If you’ve never thought of your toilet as beautiful after cleaning, buy this product ASAP.

When I’m telling you I was shouting for joy when this actually removed the mold and mildew off my shower tiles, it’s an understatement. I tried soooo many tile cleaners and most of them did hardly anything at all. The key with this one is also letting it sit. If you have a white tub/shower be careful not to let it sit too long though! Once I sprayed all over my shower, the drippings lightly stained my white tub yellow. Although it has slowly been going away, I recommend setting a timer for 5 minutes max so you don’t forget about it! Honestly, I wasn’t even mad about the tub because it actually got rid of all the splotchy, dark, stubborn grout stains. I wish I took a before and after photo!

Good ‘ol Dawn. Yes, it has to be platinum! I really wanted to hop on the Mrs. Meyers bandwagon because it was “healthier” but after watching a scientific review of cleaning products and how none of Mrs. Meyers actually cleaned anything, I was appalled and so glad I haven’t purchased anything from them in years. The reason I love this product is that it’s simple. It’s a household name we’ve known and trusted for decades, then something trendy with cute marketing pops up and steals the show yet their product doesn’t even work. Keep things simple!!! When in doubt go back to the basics. This is a household staple.

Okay, this isn’t actually called “yellow” but that’s how it’s known! I love this product for its antibacterial properties and that it’s a de-greaser. It’s great for kitchen clean-ups, especially the tough spots on the oven, range, hood, and filters. Go to the dollar store and grab a cheap spray bottle. Fill it up with water and add a couple of tablespoons of this for a convenient cleaner that will last you months! (It does come in a spray bottle FYI, but doing this trick is a better bang for your buck.)

If you have a Dyson, you just know. There is no other vacuum quite like it! (I’m sure there are some dupes but none compare to an original Dyson.) Why you need this: It completely comes apart, which is great for cleaning, and everything is replaceable if needed. The attachment options are abundant but I have the three best ones you must invest in! The stick vacuum, the crevice tool, and the mattress tool. Because puppy snuggles are the best, I use the mattress attachment on my comforter too and it doesn’t suck up the comforter. I will also use this attachment on my furniture for the same reason! This is also a great tool to use on curtains that cannot be washed. 

The crevice tool is what’s shown in the picture. I love this attachment! I use it along the baseboards, to get under the oven, fridge, and window panes. The little bristles on the end act as a duster so using this on your ceiling fans, air vents, and filters is super helpful.

The stick vacuum attachment for, of course, maintenance floor cleaning. The floor bristle head actually comes off the stick so you can extend your mattress or crevice tool to access taller or further spots! Super convientent. My best purchase yet!

How fitting! But in all seriousness, this product is the real deal. Let it sit after spraying and all germs and bacteria will actually be gone! I prep Alburt’s raw food on the kitchen island and I’ve never felt more confident all the bacteria is gone after cleaning up with this. Other products just don’t do it! It’s that sense of peace like “I know this is clean and safe.” And that’s super important for me!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! I was really excited the entire time typing this out. Let me know what you think of these products in the comments below, or what you want to see next!

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