How To Make MINI Donut Breakfast Sandwich – Recipe
Donut Breakfast Sandwich

How To Make MINI Donut Breakfast Sandwich – Recipe

holy moly….

holy moly….

I woke up this morning with my tummy grumbling and naturally I thought to myself, “what should I make for breakfast?” Something sweet and savory perhaps! You guys, this Donut Breakfast Sandwich is insane. Allow me to explain!

So, DoorDash has been doing free delivery on Saturday’s and we have been trying to support our neighborhood businesses by ordering to-go food once a week during quarantine. Well, we ended up ordering burgers from a relatively new Red Robin in our town. Ever since Bryan and I started dating, never have I ever had dessert (at all really) but now it’s nearly a given after each dinner! So, we ordered some of their DOH! Rings for dessert. These little rings are a cronut (croissant and donut) dough, fried into mini donut rings then come with a caramel and chocolate dipping sauce. Honestly though, we weren’t really fans of it! But I didn’t want to waste them.

Well, with all that to say, I remembered that we still had those dang donuts, and I didn’t want to eat them just as is. Then, I had a lightbulb moment, and into the kitchen I went! That’s how the Donut Breakfast Sandwich was born.

Donut Breakfast Sandwich

the technique

the technique

I sliced those bad boys down the center and got my sausages into the toaster oven. – I am obsessed with the frozen chicken sausage links from Costco. – I cracked open two eggs, whisked them up, and poured it into the pan over medium heat. I did not touch it until it cooked into the diameter of the pan. Then I put cheddar cheese on top and flipped half of it over, omelet style. On the open side of the pan, I laid down each slice of donut (sliced side down) to toast up a bit.

Then I transferred my omelet looking egg onto the cutting board. Next, I made perfectly cut rounds out of the eggs to put on the mini donuts. You can use a round cookie cutter, which I don’t have, so I just used the metal ring from the top of a clean mason jar lid. I made three little circles. (If making for a larger quantity, don’t fold the egg over like an omelet.) Now is when I got my donut slices off of the pan and onto a plate, adding each egg round to the base of each donut.

Next, I got my sausage links out of the oven, sliced them in half and set on top of the egg. I am in love with Herdez guac salsa, so I put some on all three of my mini sammies! You could definitely  mix it up and do like jelly and sriracha, cream cheese and jalapeño, maybe even a thin slice of avocado…options are endless!

Donut Breakfast Sandwich

MINI Donut Breakfast Sammies – Recipe

MINI Donut Breakfast Sammies – Recipe

Prep Time- 5 min

Cook Time- 10 min

Total Time – 15 min


3 leftover DOH! Rings from Red Robin

3 sausage links

2 eggs

1/3c shredded cheddar cheese

Optional toppings- jelly and sriracha, guac salsa, avocado, ketchup, maple syrup and hot sauce, etc.


  1. Get the frozen sausages into the oven. (or if you have a microwave, do that while the eggs are cooking.)
  2. Slice the donuts in half, so that there is a top and a bottom for each mini sammie.
  3. Crack two eggs open, and whisk them together. Pour into a pan over medium heat. Don’t touch it! Let it spread to all the sides of the pan.
  4. Cook sausages in microwave if not in the oven.
  5. When the eggs are cooked, add the cheddar on top, then flip it over half-way, like an omelet.
  6. Transfer the egg onto a cutting board. Add your slices of donuts into the pan to toast. Sliced side down.
  7. Grab a small round cookie cutter, and cut 3 little rounds out of the eggs. (I used a small water glass lol)
  8. Take out your cooked sausages and slice then long ways in half.
  9. Take your donut bottoms onto a plate, and add an egg round to each bottom.
  10. Place your sausages on top of the egg, and add your toppings of choice!

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