How To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes In Minutes
How to Remove Wrinkles in Minutes

How To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes In Minutes

I hope the excitement I feel about my newest discovery gets you just as excited! This seems crazy that I am designating one entire blog post for a single product (that is not sponsored! But, ahem Downy, I’m available.) but this is something I wish I knew a long time ago! Honestly, I am never ironing again. I hated it to begin with and have too much OCD for ironing. Let me show you how to remove wrinkles from clothes in minutes in one step! Not with an iron, not with a hair straightener, and not steamed in the dryer… Get wrinkles out of your clothes in one step with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray.

how to remove wrinkles from clothes in minutes

Stubborn Wrinkles

This is a workout top I have. It comes out of the dryer all wrinkly like this and I never wear it out in public because it’s so hard to keep wrinkle-free! I’ll mist it with water and toss it in the dryer but that takes about 15 minutes. So, I tend to not wait 15 minutes and just put on another top lol. This annoys me because even though this top is simple, I do really like it! 

how to remove wrinkles from clothes in minutes

The Magician

I saw this as I was replenishing my laundry products at Target. When I picked it up I remember thinking “Well I’ll just give this a shot.” Not even fully confident that this would work, I bought it and went home. I kinda forgot about it for a few days, and then when I was picking out an outfit, I came across that white tank top with the stubborn wrinkles. As soon as I saw it I thought, “If this spray doesn’t work on this shirt, I’m getting rid of it!” So I hung it up, gave it a few sprays, and let it hang dry.

how to remove wrinkles from clothes in minutes

Someone Shut The Front Door! - It Worked!

Right before my eyes, I saw the wrinkles vanish! I was amazed, shocked, and confused all at the same time! It happened in a matter of seconds and I’m still just completely blown away how well and how fast this worked! It also smells wonderful. The Crisp Linen is the scent I chose. I love everything about this and wish I knew about this sooner!

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