How To Make Dalgona Creamy Coffee Recipe
dalgona coffee

How To Make Dalgona Creamy Coffee Recipe

Starbucks WHO?

Starbucks WHO?

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Dalgona Coffee AKA Creamy Coffee, is raving all over the internet and I, among many others, needed to try this out for myself. It’s only 4 ingredients and about 5 minutes to prepare (or should be LOL). So, after watching many videos on how to actually make this beautifully aesthetic coffee, I felt confident in my abilities to re-create this. 

dalgona coffee

The beautifully whipped coffee adds such a light, decadent flare to an otherwise traditional morning coffee. Also, you can do this with matcha too! I love drinking my greens in the morning!

In this video, I am making Dalgona Coffee, AKA the coffee that took social media by storm. I didn’t have an electric hand mixer, and my arm was burning from hand whisking…….so the next best thing I had around the house was….. A DRILL. Yes, a drill lmao. Watch to find out exactly how we got to make this deliciously creamy coffee a somewhat success. In conclusion, this coffee is delicious and definitely requires an insta photo but for your everyday cup of Joe… It’s a bit of a hassle lol.

Dalgona Coffee – Recipe

Dalgona Coffee – Recipe

Prep Time- 5

Cook Time- 0

Total Time- 5


NOTE: if you are whisking with a manual mixer, it might take you around 10 minutes to get it fluffy and creamy. The electric mixer will take about five minutes.


  1. Add instant coffee into a bowl
  2. Add in your desired amount
  3. Pour in hot water
  4. Mix and mix until it turns into a whipped cream consistency
  5. Pour milk of your choice into a glass over ice, then scoop in the creamy coffee on top
  6. Enjoy!

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