10 Moving Tips You Need To Know

10 Moving Tips You Need To Know

Moving season is among us! While it is super exciting moving into your new space, a big move can have even the most organized person into a frazzled, anxious state! Take a look at these 10 moving tips you need to know to make your move smooth-sailing. With these moving tips, you’ll be ready to tackle moving day so you can get straight into celebrating your new home and start decorating! 

1 .Start Early - Keep, Donate, Trash

Navigate one room at a time and divide and conquer! Create three separate spaces in each room for a keep pile, a donate pile, and a trash pile. Purging before you move prevents things you really don’t need/want from coming into your new house and cluttering it up. Once you have your keep piles, you can just pack them up as you go! Do a couple boxes a day so you don’t get overwhelmed.

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2. Book Your Movers

If you’re hiring movers, it’s likely you can save extra money by booking them for a weekday rather than a weekend. Be strategic in requesting quotes! Some companies will even pack and unpack for you, so it’s smart to check out what other services a company offers. Gameday Moving Services Houston is a reputable moving company that pretty much does it all! They will literally handle your entire move including apartment services, commercial and long-distance moving in Houston, Texas, or beyond.  Something like that takes so much stress off of the move itself and they are a business you’ll want to help you when you are feeling that sort of pressure. 

3. Prepare a "First Night" Box

Sometimes unpacking doesn’t get done as quickly as we hope! That’s life. So when you’re prepping your move, make sure you pack a first night essentials box. Your first night box should have all the stuff you will need for the first night or two before everything gets unpacked. Put in items like your toiletries, bath towels, pajamas, next day clothes, even your coffee maker and coffee for the morning! If you take vitamins, throw those in there and any medicine you or your animals might take.

4. Color Coded Rooms

Once your keep piles are in boxes, slap on a line of colored tape to help identify what boxes go in what room in the new house! Using rainbow colored masking tape will help movers to know what boxes belong together too. This is the tape I recommend!

Ever pack a box and just completely forget what’s inside of it once the move is over? Just slap one of these QR stickers on each box and when you’re in the new space you can scan it with your phone to see what’s inside! Genius. Get it here!

6. Be Resourceful

Bubble wrap can get expensive. When packing up your dish ware, glasses, or anything fragile, try using things you already have. Wrap your breakable items in towels, clothing, and blankets.

7. DIY Garment Bag

Wardrobe boxes are amazing but they can also get pricey! Put a trash bag over a group of clothes hanging on hangers and poke the hangers through the the bottom of the bag. Makeshift garment bag!

8. Utilize Suitcases and Luggage

Open those things up and pack in bulky items like shoes or toys. The less boxes, the better!

9. Reusable Totes

Boxes tend to just get tossed after moving. Or we save them in the garage for years and years and end up throwing them away because they are now soggy and not usable! A great and eco-friendly solution to this is to use Moving Totes. They have zippers (for easy peeking of what’s inside) and they have handles for easy carrying! Throw two on your shoulders and get twice as much done! 

10. Clean As You Go

Cleaning after moving everything out can be a whole day in itself! Save your time and clean up the rooms one at a time as you’re packing, donating, and throwing things away. View my list of The Best Cleaning Products Of 2021 here!

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